Who I Am as a Musician

Contemplative Singer-Songwriter: Getting Back to the Roots

As a songwriter, I like to describe myself as a “contemplative singer-songwriter.” And as a musician, I like to say that I perform in an “Americonsciousness” style.

But what do these terms mean? To me, “contemplative singer-songwriter” describes someone who writes songs with contemplative or introspective themes intended to raise consciousness. From this comes the term “Americonsciousness” as a blending together of the Americana musical style with consciousness-raising lyrics.

Because even though I’m a classically-trained vocalist, the music I’m most drawn to singing is earthy, folky. It’s music that is rich in meaning. This is because I enjoy singing music containing lyrics rich with meaning, as opposed to music that focuses on technical virtuosity but is lacking in depth or soul.

To me, the most powerful music is that which connects people to their own authentic Self. And that is what I strive to do as a musician. Singing this type of music helps me to also connect with my own authentic Self.

Original Music and Recordings

One of the songs I’ve written is a simple, yet profound song called, “It’s All Within You.” This is a song that people frequently request for contemplative services and workshops that I lead. You can watch the video below to hear why. Recordings are available for download and purchase here.

Providing Music for Spiritual Services and Ceremonies

One of my favorite venues for performing is for spiritual services and ceremonies because there is nothing quite like music for bringing together a group of people in spiritual worship. After all, there are reasons why music has long been used as a part of spiritual services. As a performer for worship services, I specialize in providing contemplative, heart-opening music for Self-reflection.

On the 4th Sunday of the month, you can find me online at 11:00 am providing music for services at Unity Longmont Spiritual Center.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about the vocal and contemplative music services I offer.