What (a)Muses You?

Playing with Words and Meaning

One thing I love is wordplay. Playing with words in ways that causes people to open up to new perspectives, develop increased awareness and understanding is something that amuses me greatly. So with that in mind, I invite you to look at this opening question in two different ways.

The first way is to think of “(a)muse” as a verb. What amuses you? What makes life enjoyable and fun? Do you have regular access to those things and/or experiences?

The second way is to think of “(a)muse” as a noun. What are those things that inspire you? What is it that gives your life meaning and purpose? Do you have regular access to those things and/or experiences?

Who Is THIS Muse?

My name is Faith Halverson-Ramos. I wear many hats. It’s a good thing I like hats.

As a board-certified music therapist, I find music to be both amusing and inspiring. I personally experience this for myself, and I see it in others professionally. Music invites people throughout the lifespan and across cultures to move, sing, play, create, and engage with the world.

I’m also trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist. Viewing life through a sacred lens, I recognize how life experiences, whether they be transcendent, mundane, or painful, can ultimately contribute to our greater growth and healing. I further recognize the role that music and engaging in acts of creativity can have in helping to create personal life meaning, connection, growth, and healing.

As a person, I’m prone towards irreverence. Being able to not take things TOO seriously and being able to find the cosmic humor in life as a human being does the mind, body, and soul good. I know laughter and play to be good medicine.

What You’ll Find at Meaning to a Muse

On my blog, I write about what it means to live a well-lived life. Topics of reflection include: music, creativity, spirituality, and how these things can affect health and sense of well-being. Through this blog, I seek to encourage people to become more attuned to themselves and the world around them by mindfully-engaging in acts of creativity and play. It is my belief that more people doing this can contribute to the cultivation of a more fair, just, and peaceful world.

I do a few others things in addition to my work as a therapist, educator, and business owner. One of these is that I present and facilitate workshops on music-related health and wellness topics. I have done this locally, nationally, and internationally.

As well, I can occasionally be found performing as a Contemplative Singer-Songwriter in a style that I like to call, “Americonsciousness.” The fourth Sunday of the month I’m the guest musician at Unity Longmont Spiritual Center.

Want to get in touch? Contact me.