Rethinking Yourself and Your Life as Music

You Are Music. Your Life is Music


Have you ever thought about yourself as being a piece of music? What thoughts come to mind when you look at yourself from this perspective? It can be a strange thing if you haven’t considered it before. Even with my experiences as a music therapist and musician, it took me some time to more fully understand what this meant.

However, much like a musical composition, we are made up of a variety of parts. The physiological processes that occur within our bodies have their own rhythms and tempi. Likewise, the quality of our thoughts and feelings can affect our personal “tempo” and “dynamics.” In this sense, our thoughts may be fast or slow, while our emotions may be explosive or subdued.

Looking at it from this way, it can be easy to see ourselves as a musical composition that reflects our sense of health and wellness or disease. In the video below, I speak a little more to this metaphor of being music.

After watching the video, take some time to reflect on what sort of music are you composing with your life. What are the quality of your thoughts and emotions like? Are there aspects of your life that you’d like to change? If there are, and you feel as though you would benefit from some outside professional support and guidance, contact me to see if I may be able to provide you with that assistance.






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