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[Video] Being Gentle With Yourself

Loving-Kindness When Trying Out New Things

Something I’ve been more diligent about doing in marketing my music therapy business, SoundWell Music Therapy, is working with video. Playing with this particular medium has been interesting. Similar to writing, there is preparation involved as I need to have a point to what I’m sharing.

But video is different from writing, in that I need to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I need to be authentic in sharing my thoughts while making contact with an unseen audience. While my performance background makes it fairly easy for me to go into “performer mode” and feel comfortable expressing myself, it’s not always easy.

I’m aware that I also hold “buts” and judgments around those times when recording where flow DOESN’T occur. Those times where I lose track of my thoughts, or where I struggle to find the words to convey jargon-y concepts into real-life applications. Those times where I don’t feel comfortable expressing myself.

Those times where I don’t like how I showed up.

Do you ever experience that? Times where you don’t feel comfortable being yourself or expressing yourself? Times where you regret how you showed up?

It’s ok. We all do at some points in our lives- especially when we’re trying out new things and learning. Practicing loving-kindness towards yourself can help.

“I Will Be Gentle With Myself”

In the video below I share a chant that I’ve found to be helpful in reinforcing the practice of loving-kindness towards myself. Clients and others with whom I’ve shared it have also found it to be helpful for them. It’s called “I Will Be Gentle With Myself.”

What are some new things you’re doing in your life? How do you remain gentle with yourself when learning something new that is challenging to you? Please share your comments down below.

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