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Music and Mindfulness

Mindfulness. It seems like almost everyday I read something new about the benefits of it. Research on mindfulness suggests that it could be effective for: depression, managing anxiety and stress, as well as with emotional regulation and relationships. It’s easy to see, then, why mindfulness is becoming incorporated into healthcare, education, and business. Making Mindfulness… Read More Music and Mindfulness

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Healing When a Complicated Family Relationship Ends

The word “family” carries unique connotations for each of us. Ideally, families are a source of acceptance, unconditional love, and support. While the greater culture typically portrays and promotes this idealized, archetypal view of family, the reality is that families are made up of individual human beings who may or may not be able to… Read More Healing When a Complicated Family Relationship Ends

End-of-Life, Quality of Life, Transitions

Saying Goodbye

“Goodbye.” What feelings, thoughts, images, or experiences come to mind when you see that word? Depending on the context, “goodbye” can take on a lot of different meanings. “Goodbye” can signal a temporary parting, or it can represent something more permanent. And when it represents a more permanent situation, saying goodbye can carry bittersweet feelings.… Read More Saying Goodbye