Category: Transitions

  • In Tending To Others

    In tending to the little piece of Mother Earth that is the front yard of my house, I reflected upon the current state of the world. In preparing to welcome winter and the return of light, I raked up the plethora of honey locust pods and cut back at the dead plant growth in order […]

  • Healing When a Complicated Family Relationship Ends

    The word “family” carries unique connotations for each of us. Ideally, families are a source of acceptance, unconditional love, and support. While the greater culture typically portrays and promotes this idealized, archetypal view of family, the reality is that families are made up of individual human beings who may or may not be able to […]

  • Gifts Gained Through Loss

    Today is the 14th anniversary of the death of my mother from breast cancer. Naturally my thoughts start to turn to her at this time of year, but additionally the specific topic of cancer had popped up on my radar these last few days, which made me think that I needed to explore further this […]

  • Music Therapy in Hospice and Palliative Care

    Recently I was asked by the hospice company where I work to write an article about what I do as a music therapist. I’m sharing it here with you so that you may also get a clearer sense of what music therapy is and the role it can play within the realms of hospice and […]

  • Saying Goodbye

    “Goodbye.” What feelings, thoughts, images, or experiences come to mind when you see that word? Depending on the context, “goodbye” can take on a lot of different meanings. “Goodbye” can signal a temporary parting, or it can represent something more permanent. And when it represents a more permanent situation, saying goodbye can carry bittersweet feelings. […]

  • Being a Wounded Healer

    Having known pain, I can enter into the dark, inner places without fear. Having walked through pain, I know the light of healing guides the way. The Wounded Healer is an archetype which describes a person who is effective at bringing healing and empathy to others because they themselves have recognized and healed from their […]