Category: Voicework

  • [Video] Being Gentle With Yourself

    Loving-Kindness When Trying Out New Things Something I’ve been more diligent about doing in marketing my music therapy business, SoundWell Music Therapy, is working with video. Playing with this particular medium has been interesting. Similar to writing, there is preparation involved as I need to have a point to what I’m sharing. But video is […]

  • Your Re-Sounding Self: Being Your Voice, Being Your Truth

    What comes to mind when you think of the word “voice?” Do you immediately think about the voice of someone you love? Someone you fear? Or do you associate the voice with singing, causing you to begin thinking about the sound of your favorite singer? You may instead think about your own voice. If so, […]

  • Hearing Ourselves: Voicework for Self-Care

    A few months ago I was asked by music therapist colleague, Megan Resig, to write a guest post for her website Music Therapy Annex. I jumped at the chance to do this because I love her holistic approach to music therapy, and have enjoyed reading about her perspective on wellness and self-care. Below is what […]

  • Embodiment of Sound

    Like all of us, I don’t always practice what I preach. Doing what I do for a living, I know about the healthful benefits of making music and how vocalizing is an effective way of relieving stress. Yet I don’t always practice that for myself. But today was different. Today I remembered to create time […]