Contemplative Singer Song-Writer

What’s a “Contemplative Singer Song-Writer?”

As a performing musician, I identify myself as a contemplative singer song-writer. What does this mean? By composing and performing original music of a contemplative nature that is grounded in an Americana style, I use musical performance as a means of raising consciousness and promoting introspection in others.

Original Music and Recordings

One of the things I especially enjoy is creating original contemplative music and sharing it with others. Below is a video of me performing an original song called, “It’s All Within You.” This is a song that has been frequently requested for contemplative services. You can purchase and download recordings here.

Providing Music for Spiritual Services and Ceremonies

There is nothing quite like music for bringing together a group of people in spiritual worship. There is a reason why music has long been used as a part of religious services. I specialize in providing contemplative, heart-opening music for Self-reflection at transdenominational spiritual services, although I have also performed music for Protestant and Catholic services.

For those of you in the Boulder County area, you can frequently find me providing music for the 11:00 am Sunday services at Unity Longmont Spiritual Center, 324 Main Street (Alley Entrance), Longmont, CO 80501.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about the vocal and contemplative music services I offer.

“Faith and Foolishness”

Image taken by Front Range Explorer

“Faith and Foolishness” is the intergenerational musical comedy duo of myself and fellow Naropa music therapy alum, Clint Brown. Our comedic stylings are influenced by The Smothers Brothers, and we take delight in using our self-defined “Americonsciousness” music to provoke thought while poking fun at the cosmic humor in life on Planet Earth.