Faith’s Background

Using Music to Enhance Quality of Life

The Journey to Becoming a Music Therapist

Contemplative Singer Song-WriterThe journey to discovering that I wanted to use music to enhance quality of life for others was not linear. My way to the music therapy profession was through profound personal experiences involving music and my own state of health.

Prior to pursuing my music therapy studies at Naropa, I studied vocal performance at Viterbo University. I graduated from Viterbo in 2002 with a Bachelor of Music. It was through my experiences as a vocalist and performer that I came to recognize a desire to use music to help others. My own sense of well-being had been greatly enhanced by singing, and I knew that I wanted to help others use music to enhance their quality of life.

However, I did not come to the profession of music therapy right away. After graduating from Viterbo, I trained to become a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Prague, the Czech Republic. After some time looking for work in Europe, I accepted a job in Daegu, South Korea, where I taught English to school-age children. I also sang with a choir during my time there.

Music to Enhance Quality of LifeAfter a year teaching in Daegu, a health-related crisis forced me to reevaluate what it was that I wanted to do with my life. I had lost my singing voice, and upon deeper reflection, I recognized that something was missing from my life. I was helping people by teaching, but I wanted to do more.

It was during that time that I recalled a brochure that my voice teacher at Viterbo had given me about the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Music Therapy program at Naropa University. I enrolled in the program in 2004, and graduated with my MA in 2007. Since then, I maintain my designation of Music Therapist-Board Certified (MT-BC), and have also become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado.

Clinical Experiences: How I Use Music to Enhance Quality of Life

My clinical experiences include working with individuals from diverse backgrounds throughout Boulder County and the Metro Denver area. This includes children and adults with special needs, typically-developing children, well adults, older adults with dementia, and older adults receiving hospice care and their family members.

In working with others, I draw upon my knowledge of how music and the creative musical process can be used to:

  • develop and enhance relationships
  • foster attunement and healthy attachment between children and their parents
  • create, discover, or rediscover personal meaning after experiencing traumatic or difficult life events
  • process through experiences of grief and loss or life transitions
  • facilitate an overall enhanced sense of well-being and personal empowerment.

Professional Services I Offer

Music Therapy, Counseling, and Music Instruction Services

SoundWell Music Therapy is my private practice in Longmont. Through SoundWell Music Therapy, I offer a variety of community music therapy, music instruction, counseling, and consultation services to individuals, groups, and organizations in the Longmont area. I also serve other areas in Boulder County and Loveland. Learn more about these services here.

I am passionate about using music and mindful awareness to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages in a way that honors who they are and meets them where they are in the present moment.

Other Services

In addition to the therapeutic and educational services offered through SoundWell Music Therapy, I also provide:

Learn more here about the presentations I have given nationally and internationally. If you would like to further discuss with me the services I offer, you can contact me here.