Presentations & Workshops

Seeking an Engaging Presentation or Workshop?

If you are a community organization wanting to offer your members with a memorable presentation or workshop experience, look no further! Providing customized presentations and workshops about music, mindfulness, creativity, quality of life issues, and health is something that I especially enjoy doing. The more people who come to recognize the benefit of music and music-making, the better!

Presentations and workshops are largely experiential, as we better learn and retain new information when we are fully engaged with the content. By utilizing multiple senses in the  presentations and workshops I lead, attendees are able in to integrate the new knowledge with their previous understanding(s).

Topics of Past Presentations and Workshops

Topics I have presented on include:

National and International Presentations and Workshops

As a presenter and workshop facilitator, I have presented both nationally and internationally. Below you can see where I have presented and led workshops for music therapists and other healthcare professionals.

2013: American Music Therapy Association Midwestern and Southwestern Regional Music Therapy Conference- San Antonio, Texas

2013: Colorado Association for Music Therapy State Conference- Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado

2014: American Music Therapy Association National Conference- Louisville, Kentucky

Presentation and workshop in Austria
From music and mindfulness workshop given at the 2014 World Congress for Music Therapy held in Austria.

2014: The Online Conference for Music Therapy

2014: The World Congress of Music Therapy- Krems, Austria

2015: Canadian Association for Music Therapy National Conference- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2015: Psychosomatic Expressive Arts Therapy Team Retreat at Simssee Klinik- Bad Endorf, Germany

2015: Feeding the Soul, a Transpersonal Festival sponsored by Eurotas and The Association for Transpersonal Psychology- Centro d’Omprio, Pettenasco, Italy

Contact me if you are interested in having me present or facilitate a workshop for your organization. Presentations are given in English. All workshops are tailored to the organization and can range in length from 1 hour to a full-day.