Presentations & Workshops

People are naturally curious and are often seeking knowledge. This is especially true when it comes to health and mental well-being. People want to understand themselves better and know what they can do to take care of their health. However, sometimes presentations on these topics can be boring. Being a music therapist requires knowing how to provide engaging educational workshops.

Presentation and workshop in Austria
From music and mindfulness workshop given at the 2014 World Congress for Music Therapy held in Austria.

As a presenter, I’ve presented both nationally and internationally. Audiences I’ve presented to include: healthcare providers, educators, and the general public. Formats have varied from hour-long presentations to full-day workshops and retreats.

The experiential element is a big part of what I offer. I do this because we learn better and retain new information when we can fully engage with the content. It helps make it more concrete. By utilizing multiple senses, I help attendees with integrating the new knowledge into their previous understanding(s).

Presentations are given in English and I customize all presentations and workshops to the needs of the organization. These events can range in length from 1 to 3 hours.

Topics of Past Presentations and Workshops

Topics I’ve presented on include:

To see specific presentation titles and where I’ve presented, go here.

Want to Know More?

Are you looking for an engaging speaker to present on mental health and wellness to your organization? If so, contact me if you have an interest in having me present or facilitate a workshop for your organization.